Police: Man Under Clothing In Mother’s Car At Walmart Parking Lot In Attempted Child Abduction

Jamiesfeast – According to cops in Sherwood, Arkansas, a guy hid under clothes in a woman’s car before trying to take her child, as reported by 911 callers.

Timothy Earl Caudle, 58, is currently being held on a $35,000 bond at a Pulaski County jail. According to records, he is facing multiple charges, including breaking and entering, false imprisonment, endangering the welfare of a minor, assault in the third degree, public intoxication, and obstructing government operations.

A man was reported to be inside a woman’s vehicle at a Walmart on Highway 107, according to the police who received a 911 call.

As the woman recounted the terrifying incident, she recalled how she raised her voice, urging the man to leave, while instinctively reaching out to protect her daughter.

According to the report, the victim recounted the incident, explaining that she managed to swiftly retrieve her daughter from the vehicle. Despite a brief struggle, she successfully got her daughter out of the truck. The initial responding officer noted that witnesses played a crucial role in preventing the unknown male from exiting the truck until the arrival of the officers.

According to the police, Caudle initially provided false information about his name.

The defendant has entered a plea of not guilty to the charges and a hearing has been scheduled for March 26th.

Authorities have stated that this incident is currently under investigation, and they have not ruled out the possibility of additional charges.

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