Memphis Police Crack Down On Drug And Gun Operations In Oakhaven

Jamiesfeast – In a strong response to combat gun and drug-related crimes, the Memphis Police Department (MPD) recently conducted a major operation in the Oakhaven area, resulting in the apprehension of nine individuals. This operation highlights the department’s resolute dedication to dismantling criminal activities that pose a threat to community safety.

On January 26, 2024, the Organized Crime Unit (OCU) Drug and VICE teams of the MPD carried out a search warrant in the 3400 block of Metropolitan Circle, a strategic area situated just east of Memphis International Airport. This operation led to the confiscation of a significant quantity of illicit substances and firearms, shedding light on the continuous fight against the spread of guns and drugs within the community.

During the investigation, authorities uncovered a substantial amount of marijuana weighing half a pound and a total of eight firearms, two of which were reported as stolen. Of particular concern were four handguns that had been altered with Glock switches, effectively converting them into fully automatic weapons. This poses a significant danger to the safety of the public, given the enhanced firepower these modified firearms possess.

The people apprehended in this operation are facing a range of charges that highlight the gravity of their alleged offenses. These charges encompass possession of a controlled substance with the intent to manufacture, distribute, and sell; possession of drug paraphernalia; possession of a firearm while committing a dangerous felony; illegal possession of a machine gun; and theft of property valued under $2500.

Several individuals who were arrested during the operation had existing warrants for serious crimes, such as criminal attempt second-degree murder and especially aggravated robbery. This highlights the significant impact of the operation in apprehending suspects who are involved in ongoing criminal investigations.

The Memphis Police Department (MPD) is taking proactive measures to tackle the underlying issues of gun and drug crimes, with the goal of creating a safer environment for the residents of Memphis. By focusing on areas known for criminal activities and cracking down on those who put the community at risk, the MPD is sending a clear message that such offenses will not be tolerated.

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The recent operation conducted by the Memphis Police Department in Oakhaven showcases their unwavering commitment to combatting gun and drug-related crimes within the community. By implementing strategic interventions and fostering collaboration among specialized units, the MPD persistently strives to safeguard the safety and welfare of Memphis residents. These operations play a vital role in the broader endeavor to uphold peace and maintain lawfulness in the city.

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