Pennsylvania Traffic Rule Update 2024: Navigating the Right Turn on Red Signal

Pennsylvania Traffic Rule Update 2024: Navigating the Right Turn on Red Signal

Pennsylvania drivers, are you confused about when you can (or can’t) turn right on a red light? You’re not alone. The Keystone State follows the general rule of allowing right turns on red after a complete stop, but there are exceptions and important safety considerations. This blog post dives deep into Pennsylvania’s right-on-red laws in … Read more

Republican NY congressional candidate Mazi Pilip won’t support Trump if he convicted of a crime: ‘Nobody is above the law’

jamiesfeast – Republican candidate Mazi Pilip from New York made it clear on Tuesday that she will not support former President Donald Trump in the upcoming November election if he is convicted of a crime before Election Day. During a PIX11 candidate forum ahead of next month’s election, Pilip, who is in a tight race … Read more

New York Republican Rep. Claudia Tenney nominates Trump for Nobel Peace Prize for his role in Abraham Accords

Donald Trump has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize once again. This time, the nomination comes from Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-NY), who highlighted the former president’s contribution to the historic Abraham Accords in her recommendation for this prestigious award. “Donald Trump was instrumental in facilitating the first new peace agreements in the Middle East … Read more

The $50 Million Debt Mystery of Trump Appears to Indicate ‘Tax Evasion’

jamiesfeast – Former federal judge Barbara Jones, the court-appointed special monitor in Donald Trump’s New York business fraud case, has recently uncovered a shocking revelation. Legal experts believe that this finding indicates that Trump knowingly and repeatedly lied on his federal financial disclosures regarding a non-existent loan, and may have also evaded taxes on $48 … Read more

Fulton Commissioners Confused by DA Fani Willis’ Request for $9M+ Budget Increase and 611k for New Vehicles

In a surprising twist, the Washington Free Beacon reported that Fulton DA Fani Willis made a request for new vehicles worth over $600,000. However, the response she received may shed some light on the situation. Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has caused a stir after being accused of using county funds to support her … Read more