Teen Who Deadly Stabbed Friend In Fight Over Mcdonald’s Sweet-and-sour Sauce Receives 5 Years In Prison Following Plea Agreement

Jamiesfeast – A 16-year-old will go to juvenile prison for five years because she killed her friend with a knife during a fight over sweet-and-sour sauce.

In August, Naima Liggon, also 16, was killed when a fight between friends at a Washington, D.C., McDonald’s went violent. Law & Crime previously reported that police were called to a hospital to help a girl who had been stabbed. The girl finally died from her injuries.

The person who is being held, who has not been named, was first charged with murder. She admitted to killing in December.

She was now given the harshest possible sentence of five years in juvenile detention, according to a story from local ABC affiliate WJLA. She will be freed when she turns 21 years old.

At the hearing, surveillance video showed three girls getting out of a car where a fight had happened, according to WJLA. Naima Liggon was stabbed in the stomach and then the heart after stepping in to stop the fight. During an interview with the police, the defendant is said to have stated that the fight started over the popular condiment.

When she gave the sentence, the judge said that the whole thing was upsetting and that she couldn’t understand it.

“This sweet and sour sauce was way too much.” As reported by WJLA, Judge Andrea Hertzfeld said: “It’s truly confusing.”

People Liggon’s mother knew since elementary school killed her daughter.

This is what Joy Liggon said at her punishment hearing on Wednesday: “I still don’t understand how someone who called herself a friend could do something so horrible.”

The Washington Post said that Joy Liggon told federal officials that she wanted the teen to be charged as an adult.

It’s not five years, but that’s the most that can be given. “I hope she’s changed by then,” Joy Liggon added.

“It’s a form of justice,” the victim’s father, Wylace Liggon, told the Washington Post about the term.

The teenager who was charged said that she was acting in self-defense. The teen allegedly said sorry to the family in court on Wednesday.

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