Crying Israeli diplomat’s son, 19 years old ‘intentionally’ ran up Florida cop with motorcycle, may evade charges due to dad’s immunity

The attorney representing the teenage son of an Israeli diplomat claims that the young man deliberately drove his motorcycle into a Florida police officer because he has a strong aversion to waiting in traffic. However, there is a possibility that the charges against him may be dismissed due to his father’s diplomatic immunity.

Avraham Gil, a 19-year-old, was captured in a mugshot, visibly distraught, following his arrest for assaulting a Sunny Isles Beach Police lieutenant at approximately 3:30 p.m. on January 27th.

According to WPLG, the lieutenant on duty was conducting a traffic stop on Collins Avenue, which is a major road on the Miami barrier island. During this time, he noticed Gil weaving through traffic and immediately shouted at the teenager to stop.

According to the outlet, despite sustaining an “incapacitating” injury to his left leg, the officer managed to apprehend Gil by pulling him off his bike and bringing him to the ground.

According to court records reviewed by The Post, Gil, a resident of Aventura, has been charged with two felonies – aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting an officer with violence.

Gil’s father, Eli Gil, holds the position of consul for administration at the Israeli Consulate in Miami.

Avraham Gil was captured crying during his mug shot after he was arrested for intentionally driving into a police lieutenant on Jan. 27. Local 10

According to a police report cited by the Miami New Times, Gil expressed his dislike for waiting behind traffic as he explained to the officers why he was weaving through the vehicles.

Avraham Gil’s lawyers are arguing that the charges against the teenager should be dropped due to his father’s diplomatic status. They claim that the Miami-Dade law does not apply to him.

“Family members forming part of the household of diplomatic agents enjoy precisely the same privileges and immunities as do the sponsoring diplomatic agents,” according to the US State Department’s “Diplomatic and Consular Immunity.”

Agents are granted certain privileges, one of which is full immunity from the host country’s criminal jurisdiction. This means that they cannot be prosecuted for any offense, unless the sending state decides to waive this immunity.

Son of Israeli diplomat accused of running over Sunny Isles police officer

Rumored Lover of Chinese Minister Qin Gang Missing for 5 Months, Online Searches Suppressed

The disappearance of the alleged romantic partner of Chinese Minister Qin Gang has raised concerns, as the individual has been missing for a period of five months. Disturbingly, online searches related to this case have been actively suppressed, further fueling speculation and raising questions about the nature of the relationship between the two individuals.

It is important to note that these claims are purely speculative and have not been officially confirmed. However, the unusual circumstances surrounding the disappearance, coupled with the suppression of online information, have captured public attention and led to widespread speculation.

The alleged lover, whose identity remains undisclosed, is believed to have vanished without a trace. As news of the disappearance began to circulate, individuals took to the internet in an attempt to gather more information. However, it quickly became apparent that online searches related to the rumored relationship were being actively suppressed.

This suppression of information has only served to intensify curiosity and speculation. Many are left wondering why the Chinese government would actively suppress information about an individual’s disappearance, especially if it is unrelated to any criminal activity or poses no threat to national security.

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The nature of the alleged relationship between the missing individual and Minister Qin Gang remains shrouded in mystery. Speculation has run rampant, with some suggesting that the disappearance may be linked to political motivations or power struggles within the Chinese government.

The lack of transparency surrounding this case has drawn criticism from both domestic and international observers. The suppression of online searches and limited access to information only serves to fuel rumors and undermine public trust in the government’s handling of the situation.

As the alleged lover of Chinese Minister Qin Gang continues to be missing, it is crucial that authorities provide clarity and transparency regarding the circumstances surrounding the disappearance. The public deserves to know the truth, and suppressing information only serves to perpetuate speculation and mistrust.

According to a legal analyst, Gil may not receive immunity due to his father’s diplomatic status.

According to David Weinstein, diplomatic immunity is only granted to individuals who hold the position of head diplomatic agent of a foreign country in the United States. Consular officials, on the other hand, do not receive diplomatic immunity. This distinction is important to note.

Gil has had previous encounters with law enforcement in the Miami area prior to his arrest on Saturday.

He had been apprehended for being involved in at least two other encounters with the law, including one instance where he tried to escape from the police when they tried to stop him and his bike.

The police officer activated his lights in an attempt to pull over a motorcyclist on January 14, who was suspected to be Gil. However, the motorcyclist fled the scene as the officer did not pursue, in accordance with Miami Shores’ policy of not chasing individuals for traffic violations, as reported by the outlet.

On December 31st, Gil was stopped in Miami Shores for committing multiple traffic offenses. During the encounter with the officer, Gil mentioned that his father was a diplomat for Israel, which prompted the officer to make a phone call to Gil’s parents.

Gil’s motorcycle during the New Year’s Eve stop had a vanity plate that said “PLS CHASE.” The plate was cleverly hidden by a second plate that could be flipped up.

The officer who was reportedly run over by Gil is currently unable to work due to the injuries sustained.

After he was arrested, the teenager who was believed to be immune was seen crying in his mug shot taken over the weekend. However, he showed no emotions during his first court appearance.

A hearing has been scheduled for the morning of February 26th.

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