Impersonator in Georgia Arrested After Flashing ‘Special Officer Badge’ and Reading Miranda Rights

jamiesfeast (Georgia) – A man from Georgia was taken into custody recently for pretending to be a Marietta police officer and attempting to arrest a real police officer.

On the morning of Jan. 19, a Marietta police officer noticed a man obstructing traffic in the westbound lane with a shopping cart as he was heading to a car wash on Roswell Road. The officer approached the man, identified as Shawn Brown, and requested him to move to the sidewalk. However, Brown responded by cursing out the officer, according to the police report obtained by WSB-TV.

As the suspect made his way towards the middle of the road, the officer attempted to halt his progress by placing his hand on Brown’s shopping cart. The officer then issued a command for Brown to step out of the road. It was at this juncture that Brown allegedly warned the officer that touching him would have negative consequences.

Georgia Man Posing As Fake Cop Tries To Arrest Two Real Police Officers

When the police officer introduced himself, Brown claimed to be a cop and even presented a counterfeit badge.

According to Charles McPhilamy, the Public Information Officer for the Marietta Police Department, the suspect in question is posing as a law enforcement officer. He is seen carrying plastic handcuffs and a badge that identifies him as a special officer. In a bizarre turn of events, the imposter even attempted to read the real officer his Miranda rights while being apprehended.

Police reports indicate that another officer was summoned to the scene to aid in the apprehension of Brown. Upon Brown’s arrest, the officers discovered him in possession of plastic handcuffs. It was during this time that Brown informed the officer that he was being arrested for assault and proceeded to recite his Miranda rights.

McPhilamy expressed concern about the individual portraying themselves as law enforcement and possessing knowledge of the Miranda rights. He raised questions about the potential interactions between this person and the public, highlighting the uncertainty surrounding such encounters.

During the encounter with the police, Brown insisted that his name was King Solomon and adamantly refused to provide his birthdate.

Brown faced multiple charges, including obstruction, providing false identification, impersonating an officer, making terroristic threats, walking on the roadway, and disrupting traffic.

Brown was transported to the Cobb County Adult Detention Center.

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