Biden Pledges To Take Action Following Drone Attack That Claims The Lives Of 3 US Troops In Jordan

Jamiesfeast – President Joe Biden has expressed his commitment to retaliate against the attack that resulted in the deaths of three US troops in Jordan, along with injuring 25 others through an unmanned drone strike.

During a campaign event in South Carolina on Sunday, January 28th, the Democratic president addressed the crowd and invited them to participate in a moment of silence.

In a statement, President Biden confirmed that an Iranian-backed militia was responsible for carrying out the strike on a military outpost in Jordan, close to the Syrian border.

“One more thing I want to mention is that we had a challenging day. Last night, we tragically lost three courageous soldiers in an attack on one of our bases. I would like to take a moment of silence to honor their memory. Rest assured, we will not let this incident go unanswered.”

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