Texas Man Allegedly Posed As Funeral Director To Illegally Obtain Life Insurance Funds

Jamiesfeast – A man from Texas was apprehended for reportedly pretending to be a funeral director in order to fraudulently obtain thousands of dollars in life insurance funds.

Javian Major, a 26-year-old man, allegedly pretended to be a licensed funeral director and mortician, according to officials from KPRC. After the Texas Funeral Commission received a tip, Major was arrested and charged with forgery.

38-year-old Sandy Broussard was also apprehended by the police, as she is believed to have assisted him in forging signatures from beneficiaries to fraudulently obtain life insurance money from the deceased victims. Broussard is now facing charges of theft.

The alleged crime is causing a deep sense of disgust for Harris County Precinct 1 Constable Alan Rosen.

According to him, “You are interacting with individuals during the most sensitive phase of their existence.”

Families eagerly anticipated the funerals to proceed, only to be left disappointed when they never materialized, according to Rosen.

In a Facebook post, Rosen mentioned that there have been instances where the remains of loved ones have gone missing.

Anita Thomas, one of the alleged victims, expressed her distress, stating, “It’s not right for him to come and take advantage of us after my son was killed.”

Selena Devereaux, another alleged victim, expressed her concerns about her son’s body, stating that it appeared “bloated” and had not been embalmed properly.

“I couldn’t handle the smell, so I had to rush out of the church,” she recalled.

She is also uncertain about the authenticity of the ashes she received, questioning whether they truly belong to her son.

According to the station, Major and Broussard have been released on bond. Major’s court appearance is scheduled for Monday, while Broussard is set to appear in court on February 9th, as reported by KTRK.

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