Virginia Police Seize 66k Fentanyl Pills And Marijuana And Mushrooms During Massive Major Drug Bust

Jamiesfeast – According To Authorities. Tens Of Thousands Of Fentanyl Pills Have Been Taken Off The Streets After A Huge Bust In Prince William County.

The Manassas Police Department made an announcement on Thursday regarding the successful seizure of drugs, weapons, and other contraband. This accomplishment was the result of a collaborative effort involving multiple agencies.

Four individuals were apprehended in Manassas on Tuesday, Jan. 30, after a search warrant was executed. Police discovered that they were in possession of a significant quantity of illegal narcotics and firearms.

Law enforcement personnel seized the following items during the course of the investigation:

    • $6,500 in cash;
    • $40,000 in high-end jewelry;
    • 66,000 fentanyl pills;
    • 2,300 grams of marijuana;
    • 40 grams of Psilocybin mushrooms;
    • 142 grams of cocaine;
    • Six firearms.

A total of $6,500 in cash was received.

The individuals who were apprehended are facing charges that encompass a range of offenses, including:

Distribution of Schedule I/II narcotics;

Possession of narcotics while in possession of a firearm;
Felon in possession of a firearm;
Possession of marijuana;
Possession of a stolen firearm.

The investigation is still ongoing, officials have confirmed.

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