Russian Girl Sentenced To Prison For Wearing Earrings In Rainbow Colors

Jamiesfeast – According to multiple local reports, a girl has been sentenced to jail in Russia for wearing rainbow-colored earrings shaped like frogs.

The girl has been jailed for five days for showing “the symbol of an extremist organization” in public, according to the Sormovsky District Court’s press service, which confirmed this to RBC News. The charges seem to be related to the fact that last November, the Russian Supreme Court called the so-called “international LGBT public movement” a radical group. This was a strange decision that made it look like LGBTQ people all over the world were planning some kind of global plot.

According to the girl’s lawyer, the court failed to mention the specific “symbol” that she displayed, which was deemed a violation of the law. However, the ruling of the Supreme Court was referenced in this case, as reported by the Aegis human rights group.

The lawyer stated that during the investigation of the case, they also analyzed the earrings. It was discovered that the earrings resembled frogs and had a design of a seven-colored rainbow. The lawyer further mentioned that the police officers who arrested the girl appeared to be unaware of the actual reason for her arrest.

“We were confident in our ability to win the case. However, the outcome took us by surprise,” expressed the lawyer.

There were no other details released right away about the girl who was arrested. One of the leaders of a violent online hate group, the Male State, shared a video of the girl and her friend sitting in a local cafe when they were yelled at by a group of men who told her to take off her earrings. This led to her arrest, according to Aegis.

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