The Urgency Of Border Security Cannot Be Ignored: Biden’s Dangerous Weakness And More Analysis

Jamiesfeast – According to National Review’s Jim Geraghty, the focus of discussion this week will be on border control. It is crucial for the government to have the ability to determine who is allowed entry and who is not, especially when it comes to preventing criminals and terrorists from entering the country. The current immigration and border-security proposal from the Senate seems to have significant flaws. However, House Republicans should be realistic about the risks if they reject this proposal in the hopes of passing a better one under a reelected President Trump in the future. There is no guarantee that Trump will be reelected, Senate Democrats may filibuster the proposal, and Democrats may gain control of the House. If addressing this issue is truly an emergency, immediate action is necessary and cannot be delayed.

Migrant beat: Joe’s Ever-Growing Tide

According to Merrill Matthews at The Hill, the number of illegal immigrants in the country has seen a substantial increase under President Biden. In fact, if we were to consider these 20 million illegal immigrants as a separate state, it would be on par with New York as the fourth most populated. The situation could worsen if Biden secures a second term, with an estimated additional 15 million to 20 million immigrants by the end of his tenure in 2029. This growing influx of undocumented individuals and Biden’s failure to enforce border policies is likely to have far-reaching consequences for the country, the economy, and particularly for Democrats. Moreover, the significant rise in foreign nationals on the terrorist watch list crossing the border also raises concerns about the potential for a major terrorist attack. Such an incident would not only pose a threat to national security but could also result in a devastating voter backlash against immigrants and, in particular, Democrats.

From right to left: Biden’s terrible weakness

The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board is furious, attributing the strike on a US base in Jordan near the Syrian border that resulted in the deaths of three Americans and the injury of 25 to the policy choices made by the president. They criticize President Biden for tolerating over 150 Iranian proxy attacks on US forces in the Middle East since October, with only occasional military retaliation and nothing more than rhetorical displeasure expressed by the administration. According to the editorial, the president’s concerns about upsetting Iran and risking escalation have taken precedence over his duty to protect US soldiers overseas. The editorial also highlights the irony of Biden’s strategy, stating that by avoiding escalation with Iran, he now finds himself in a position where he will have to respond with even greater force than if he had taken decisive action from the very first attack and subsequent ones. Failure to do so, the editorial warns, will lead to an increasing number of American casualties.

Eye on Ireland: Sinn Féin Sinking

According to The Spectator’s Andrew McQuillan, Sinn Féin, although still considered the most popular party in the country, has experienced a decline in support, reaching its lowest level in four years, down by 7 points since October. One contributing factor to this decline is the party’s ambiguous stance on immigration. On one hand, its leader Mary Lou McDonald has criticized anti-immigrant protesters, labeling them as far-right. On the other hand, Sinn Féin has criticized the Irish government’s approach to immigration. Additionally, the party’s ambivalence towards the situation in Gaza has upset a certain segment of its base that views it as similar to the Northern Ireland conflict. Ultimately, polls indicate that the Irish electorate desires a different approach to the immigration issue. These blurred positions could potentially cost Sinn Féin a victory in the upcoming election, which many had previously considered inevitable.

Econ watch: Trash ‘Contractor’ Rule Going Nat’l

A California law that made it more challenging to work as an independent contractor in the state has now become a national concern due to the actions of the Biden administration, warns Mary Katharine Ham at RealClearPolitics. Initially, the law had such disastrous consequences that the state was forced to acknowledge its failures and scramble to find solutions by granting numerous exemptions, primarily driven by lobbying and political influence. As a result, businesses found it financially unfeasible to transition freelancers into full-time employees, leading to many freelancers leaving the state. Despite this, the question arises as to why this flawed law is being exported to the rest of the American workforce, a workforce where over a third engaged in independent contract work in 2023. The answer lies in the desire of powerful Democrats to increase union membership, even if it goes against the wishes of individuals.

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