Biden’s Appeasement Of Iran Is Costing Americans’ Lives

Jamiesfeast – “We have no intention of engaging in a war with Iran. Our goal is not to provoke or escalate any conflict with the regime through military means,” emphasized White House spokesperson Adm. John Kirby on Monday. He clarified President Biden’s initial statement, saying, “We will ensure that those accountable are held responsible, but we will choose the timing and method for doing so.”

Just days after the tragic deaths of three Americans, there are already indications that they are signaling to Iran that they will take minimal action to hold Iran accountable, despite President Biden acknowledging that Iran is ultimately responsible.

It is truly disheartening to witness the dishonor that has been brought upon Spc. Kennedy Sanders, Sgt. William Rivers, and Spc. Breonna Moffett – three brave soldiers who tragically lost their lives in the line of duty. Additionally, we must not forget the dozens of others who were injured in this horrific incident.

And let’s not forget about the brave servicemembers who are currently at risk. According to the Pentagon’s count, there have been nearly 160 attacks by Iran’s proxies on US forces since October 17.

Iran continues to escalate its actions against the United States, while President Biden’s responses have been limited and hesitant. Rather than taking strong action against Iran directly, Biden has only approved small-scale strikes on the proxies’ properties, avoiding any direct confrontation with Iran itself.

Furthermore, Biden’s statement “We will hold all those responsible to account” is a continuation of his previous assertions that Iran had received his warnings to cease their actions.

Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre inadvertently revealed the lack of coherence within the White House when she stated on Monday that the three soldiers had died “fighting on behalf of this administration.” She quickly corrected herself, but failed to mention that they were fighting on behalf of our nation and the American people.

This administration is more like it because of this.

During Monday’s press briefing, Jean-Pierre struggled to introduce Kirby, stumbling over her words as she attempted to discuss national security. She appeared overwhelmed by the topic, making it difficult for her to effectively communicate.

The White House has frequently sought the assistance of Kirby due to the ongoing chaos in the world. Even an experienced admiral like him struggles to improve the perception of the White House’s competence.

Kirby dismissed the notion of inflicting any harm on Iran, despite the urging of many Republican lawmakers: “We have no intention of escalating the situation.”

The Biden administration finds itself embroiled in a conflict with Iran, whether it desires one or not.

How many more Americans will lose their lives before he acknowledges the truth?

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