Shapiro Calls For The Legalization Of Cannabis, Local Grower Weighs In

Jamiesfeast – During his annual budget address in Harrisburg, Governor Josh Shapiro emphasized the need for Pennsylvania to “catch up” and advocated for the legalization of adult use cannabis in the state.

Terrapin, a medical grower based in Jersey Shore, has expressed its support for Shapiro’s plan. This plan aims to create more job opportunities and generate additional revenue for the state. Moreover, Shapiro intends to expunge the criminal records of individuals who have been charged with possession-related offenses linked to cannabis.

Chris Woods, the founder, owner, and chief executive of Terrapin, fully supports Gov. Shapiro’s stance on the legalization of adult-use cannabis in Pennsylvania. According to Woods, it is high time that the state puts an end to the criminalization of individuals who are law-abiding citizens but possess a substance that is already allowed for consumption in 24 other states.

Shapiro’s proposal is set to be implemented on July 1st of this year, and sales are expected to commence in January of the following year. As part of the plan, the state is planning to allocate $5 million towards restorative justice programs funded by the revenue generated from the sale of adult-use cannabis. This information was shared in a press release from Shapiro’s office.

According to Shapiro, the failure to legalize and regulate the industry is causing a loss of revenue. He highlights that the industry has the potential to generate over 250 million dollars annually. Additionally, he emphasizes that this lack of regulation contributes to the growth of the black market and strains law enforcement resources.

Shapiro stated the importance of competing with states such as Ohio, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, and Maryland, which have already legalized marijuana.

“It’s about time we caught up,” he exclaimed.

Terrapin concurred with Shapiro’s viewpoint, urging lawmakers to unite and back the regulation of cannabis.

Woods expressed his appreciation for Governor Shapiro’s leadership on this matter.

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