Sarah Palin Vows That A Significant Rally Of ‘patriots’ At The Texas Border Will Aim To Reclaim The Country

Jamiesfeast – Sarah Palin addressed a passionate crowd of more than 1,000 individuals in Dripping Springs, Texas. She emphasized the importance of reclaiming our country and praised the state’s National Guard for taking charge of the southern border from federal agents.

“The world’s attention is focused on Texas at this very moment,” exclaimed Palin, 59, to an enthusiastic crowd at the “Take our Border Back” rally in Dripping Springs.

“Our federal government is allowing this invasion across our border,” proclaimed the former Alaskan governor, emphasizing the urgency to reclaim our country.”

The Republican made his appearance on stage at a colossal rally, where cars, buses, and trucks were filled with enthusiastic supporters waving American and Trump flags. The event was also bustling with numerous vendors selling merchandise like T-shirts and hats, proudly displaying slogans such as “I stand with Texas, take our border back,” “F–k Biden,” and a multitude of pro-Donald Trump messages.

The “Take Our Border Back” convoy is extending an invitation to “law-abiding, freedom-loving Americans” to join their cause in border towns. Participants will have the opportunity to pray, listen to speakers, and unite with fellow patriots before three rallies take place in three cities on Saturday.

A group of individuals, who have named themselves “God’s Army,” has embarked on a journey, spanning approximately nine states in just four days. These individuals hail from different parts of the country, forming a diverse caravan.

The group arrived in Central Texas on Wednesday and plans to stay there until Friday for the last part of the journey. The trip will end with a rally in Quemado, located about 20 miles from Eagle Pass, on Saturday.

Rally organizer Robert Agee began the pre-rally on Thursday by emphasizing the importance of peaceful assembly. He made it clear that the protesters would not interact with individuals who might be crossing the border. Agee had previously advised participants to refrain from bringing firearms and tactical gear to the event.

Agee addressed the crowd, emphasizing that the United States is a nation built on immigrants. However, he pointed out that it is crucial to address the issue of individuals with malicious intentions crossing the border. Agee expressed his dissatisfaction with the federal officials responsible for border security, stating that they are not fulfilling their duties despite being paid to do so.

Other notable speakers at the event included singer-songwriter Ted Nugent, who proudly identified himself as a “radical” and an “extremist.” To the delight of the crowd, Nugent delivered a captivating performance of the national anthem. Additionally, several esteemed local politicians also graced the event with their presence.

“I am willing to take a risk and try self-government,” the musician expressed. “The individuals who resort to dishonest methods and fraudulent ballots have caused a lot of harm.”

During the event, Texas Representative Carrie Isaac rallied the crowd with a chant of “Build the wall,” reminiscent of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

The group of protesters has arrived in Texas amidst escalating tensions between state officials and the federal government regarding the ownership of the 37-acre Shelby Park in Eagle Pass, a significant border crossing zone.

The state has taken measures to prevent migrants from entering the country, including the installation of razor wire. Despite the Supreme Court ruling in their favor, federal agents are facing significant obstacles when attempting to enter Shelby Park. This area has been taken over by the Texas National Guard, who now have control over the border.

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