7 Migrants Charged In String Of Cellphone Robberies: Police Searching For 7 Additional Suspects

Jamiesfeast – The search for seven individuals involved in a sophisticated cellphone crime operation allegedly led by migrants in New York City is still ongoing, according to the NYPD. The mastermind behind the 14-member operation, which involves hacking into stolen phones to drain victims’ bank accounts, has been identified by police as 30-year-old Victor Parra. … Read more

NYPD discovers body floating in Hudson River

Jamiesfeast – According to police, a body was discovered floating in the Hudson River on Tuesday in Manhattan, New York. According to officials, the body was discovered floating near 134th Street in Manhattan. There is currently no information available regarding how the individual ended up in the water or how long they had been there. … Read more

Migrant Criminal Gangs Rage In New York As A Result Of Biden’s Broken Border

Jamiesfeast – Critics had previously cautioned that President Biden’s lenient border policies would create an opportunity for criminals to infiltrate the country. Now, the residents of New York are beginning to experience the repercussions of these policies firsthand. There is a new surge in criminal activities, which is further exacerbating the existing migrant issues. Since … Read more

Johenry Brito indicted by grand jury for assaulting NYPD officers in Times Square

Jamiesfeast – In an afternoon court hearing in New York City, Yohenry Brito, who was arrested last week for assaulting two NYPD officers in Times Square, stood before a judge. According to Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, it was determined that Brito, a 24-year-old migrant, was the one who instigated the attack. He is identified … Read more

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Criticizes Nyc’s Proposal To Provide $1000 Monthly To Migrants

Jamiesfeast – Texas Governor Greg Abbott slammed New York City Mayor for his “insanity,” “reprehensible,” and “offensive” proposal to provide migrants with prepaid credit cards. According to the New York Post, a new program is set to replace the current food service for 500 migrant families staying in hotels. Instead of receiving meals, these families … Read more

Lawsuit Filed Against Mcdonald’s By Customer Alleging Life-threatening Allergic Reaction To Cheese On Big Mac

Jamiesfeast – A man from Rockland County is filing a lawsuit against a New York City McDonald’s, alleging that he had a near-death experience after consuming a Big Mac that had a slice of cheese, despite his severe milk allergy. Charles Olsen experienced a severe anaphylactic reaction shortly after consuming a McDonald’s burger in February … Read more

Man Charged In Jersey City Murder Of Kindergarten Teacher Maintains Innocence During Court Proceedings

Jamiesfeast – According to his lawyer, the man accused of murdering a 33-year-old Jersey City kindergarten teacher in 2023 is maintaining his innocence. Cesar Santana, one of the two people charged with Luz Hernandez’s death, went to court Monday morning in Hudson County. He will have to wait 42 days before he can go back … Read more

Washington GOP Accuse Biden Administration of Secretly Planning to Remove Snake River Dams

Jamiesfeast – Republicans on a U.S. House panel have voiced their criticism of the Biden administration over an alleged “secret” agreement that may result in the removal of four dams along the Snake River in eastern Washington state. The agreement, which aims to restore salmon populations, has been seen by some Republicans as supporting the … Read more

Feds: Half-Baked Convict Admits To Illegally Possessing USPS “arrow” Keys and Stolen Checks in Maryland

Jamiesfeast – Andrew Steven Martin, a 30-year-old resident of Silver Spring, has admitted to unlawfully possessing US Postal Service keys that are used to access mail receptacles. Additionally, he has been found guilty of being a felon in possession of ammunition, according to Erek L. Barron, the United States Attorney for the District of Maryland. … Read more