Billy Baldwin Apologizes for ‘Mansplaining’ After Saying Taylor Swift ‘Should Not Endorse Biden’

Billy Baldwin backtracked after posting about what Taylor Swift should do in the upcoming election: ‘Boy… did that backfire. My bad’

Actor Billy Baldwin may want to reconsider mentioning pop superstar Taylor Swift on social media after he shared a political opinion with his 238,000 followers on X (formerly Twitter) that quickly received negative feedback.

In a recent statement posted on Tuesday, it was expressed that Taylor Swift should refrain from endorsing any political candidate, including President Joe Biden. The suggestion put forth was for her to focus instead on encouraging young voters to register, actively participate in our democracy, and exercise their right to vote. By emphasizing the power of each individual’s vote, we have the opportunity to bring about significant change in America. This notion alone has caused a sense of unease among those who support the “Make America Great Again” movement.

Baldwin faced immediate criticism for his advice, with one user sarcastically questioning if he had ever given similar counsel to controversial figures like Roseanne Barr, Kid Rock, and Ted Nugent. The user also took a dig at Baldwin’s fame, suggesting that he is not as well-known as his brother. This comment received a significant amount of likes, indicating that many others shared the sentiment.

Just over an hour later, the actor from “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” responded to his own post.

“Alright, let me clarify. It’s evident that Taylor has the freedom to make her own choices. However, I strongly believe that it would be incredibly impactful and successful if she were to play a role in boosting voter registration and overall participation. By doing so, she could assist Biden in achieving this goal and potentially influence crucial districts in a significant way. It’s worth mentioning that House Republicans might attempt to impeach her for these actions.”

Baldwin’s post received an overwhelming response, with over 2,000 replies. He quickly followed up with another comment, acknowledging his mistake. In his third post, he admitted, “Boy… did that backfire. My bad.” Baldwin clarified that he never intended to tell Taylor what to do or engage in “mansplaining.” Instead, he believed he was suggesting a campaign strategy for Biden that would encourage Taylor to actively engage and motivate millions of Americans to register and vote. Ultimately, his aim was to help defeat Donald Trump on November 5th.

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Many supporters of Biden believe that the singer’s endorsement could potentially boost his chances of winning against former President Trump in the upcoming election. However, Fox News anchor Jeanine Pirro cautioned against this move, stating that Swift’s involvement in politics may only serve to “alienate” her fan base. Pirro advised Swift to refrain from getting involved in politics, emphasizing that her fans would prefer to see her focus on her music career.

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