Deaths Of 3 Chiefs Fans Who Were Found Frozen May Be Connected To The Use Of Hard Drugs: Report

Jamiesfeast – According to sources cited by TMZ, a toxicology report has revealed that the three friends who were found dead together in a Missouri backyard last month had cocaine and fentanyl in their system. The report puts an end to the speculation surrounding their deaths, which had captured national attention after their frozen bodies were discovered days after they had gathered to watch the Kansas City Chiefs’ final regular season game on January 7. The report also suggests that there may be other substances involved, but these details have not yet been released. Despite public questioning from their loved ones, Missouri law enforcement has maintained that the deaths of David Harrington, Clayton McGeeney, and Ricky Johnson are not being treated as a homicide. One member of the group, Jordan Willis, survived the gathering, with his lawyer stating that he was asleep on the couch for two days and unaware of what had happened to his friends until one of their partners came looking for her fiancĂ© at the rental house.

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