Fulton Commissioners Confused by DA Fani Willis’ Request for $9M+ Budget Increase and 611k for New Vehicles

In a surprising twist, the Washington Free Beacon reported that Fulton DA Fani Willis made a request for new vehicles worth over $600,000. However, the response she received may shed some light on the situation.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has caused a stir after being accused of using county funds to support her alleged lover. In the midst of this controversy, Willis recently made a request for a taxpayer-funded allocation of $611,000. This money would be used to acquire up to 16 “pursuit and special service vehicles” for law enforcement and administrative purposes. However, the request was met with resistance from the Fulton County Board of Commissioners, who voted to postpone it. They argued that there was no sufficient justification for such a purchase order.

Commissioner Bridget Thorne voiced her doubts, stating, among other things:

“I don’t know why she’s requesting vehicles now.”

In December, during a previous meeting with the district attorney’s office, Thorne emphasized the need to address the allegations against Willis before approving his request for $5 million in enhancements. Thorne highlighted the importance of ensuring that taxpayer dollars are spent wisely and expressed concerns about Willis claiming to have already acquired vehicles.

“In light of all the recent allegations of her department, I don’t want to approve any money until those allegations have been addressed,” Thorne added. “She’s been asked to comment on them. She has not. It is our fiduciary responsibility to make sure that taxpayer dollars are spent wisely,” Thorne continued to say.

Willis intended to acquire a number of 2023 Ford SUVs and two 2023 model pursuit vehicles. However, her request was put on hold with a 6-1 vote, pending the completion of an investigation by the county audit committee into the allegations of improper use of taxpayer funds that have been raised against Willis’s office. A Georgia judge has directed Willis to address these allegations in court by Friday, February 2nd.

According to reports, Willis has not publicly responded to the accusations. However, in a spontaneous speech at a church on January 14, she expressed her belief that both she and her alleged partner are being unfairly targeted because of their race. During her speech, Willis praised special prosecutor Nathan Wade, describing him as a “superstar” lawyer and a close friend.

Commissioner Bob Ellis, chairman of the Fulton County audit committee, has also expressed concern regarding the absence of a response from Willis. The office had previously requested clarification regarding the potential misuse of taxpayer funds.

Willis, who made a commitment not to pursue romantic relationships with her staff prior to her 2020 election, has a pending deadline to address Ellis’s inquiries. However, the exact date of this deadline is currently unknown.

The Fulton County Commission has once again dismissed a late request made by Willis to increase her department’s budget by $9.7 million. This proposal aimed to allocate funds for the hiring of 10 attorneys, 7 investigators, and $4.4 million for operational expenses.

Commissioner Thorne took to Facebook on Monday to express his shock at Willis’s audacious attempt to increase her budget. This comes at a time when her office is already facing allegations of financial impropriety, adding further scrutiny and challenges to her financial decisions.

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