Bomb Delivered In Downtown Springs Via Homemade Balloon

Jamiesfeast – According to arrest documents, the suspect who was arrested in connection with the explosion east of Downtown Colorado Springs on Jan. 12 allegedly used an improvised hot air balloon to deliver the explosive device.

The documents, which FOX21 obtained, unveil that Edward Kiley, the suspect in the case, had been arrested and faced charges in several other explosion incidents. In one of these instances, an explosion took place at his residence east of Downtown in 2018, causing him injuries.

According to the documents, on the night of January 12, 2024, law enforcement obtained security footage showing a truck similar to Kiley’s truck entering an alleyway between 548 and 542 East Costilla Street. The truck had some form of plastic sheeting in its bed.

Upon entering the alleyway, the security footage captured the sight of a seemingly innocuous balloon drifting away and getting stuck on a chain link fence close to 548 Costilla Street. However, to everyone’s surprise, the balloon suddenly exploded, causing extensive damage to nearby buildings that were up to 50 feet away.

During the search of Kiley’s residence, authorities discovered various items, including pipes, plastic, and other materials that align with the construction of the bomb and the improvised balloon. Additionally, a receipt was recovered, indicating that Kiley had purchased these materials from a Home Depot located near North Academy Boulevard and East Platte Avenue.

During the search, the authorities discovered several drug paraphernalia inside Kiley’s residence. Additionally, they found a substance that was confirmed to be methamphetamine through testing.

Kiley faced arrest on January 23 for various offenses, including Unlawful Possession of a Controlled Substance, Possession or Use of an Explosive or Incendiary Device, and Criminal Mischief. His court appearance in El Paso County is scheduled for February 8.

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