Trump Exploring Options with Different Law Firms to Challenge E. Jean Carroll Ruling

jamiesfeast – Donald Trump is currently seeking a new legal team to handle his appeal of an $83.3 million defamation judgement in favor of E. Jean Carroll.

“I am in the process, along with my team, of interviewing various law firms to represent me in an Appeal of one of the most ridiculous and unfair Witch Hunts our Country has ever seen,” the former president posted to¬†Truth Social¬†late Tuesday evening.

Trump also targeted U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan, calling him an “out of control activist.”

According to Trump, the judge acted like a bully by insisting on two trials instead of one, denying him Due Process, and restricting his ability to present crucial evidence. Trump further claims that the judge controlled the proceedings, directing his lawyer’s questions and instructing him to provide only one-word answers. Trump also mentions that the judge’s wife and friends were present in the front row, seemingly enjoying the situation.

He hinted that he will be making a decision soon.

“Any lawyer who takes a TRUMP CASE is either ‘CRAZY,’ or a TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOT,” Trump wrote.

Alina Habba served as the legal representative for the former president in the Carroll case. During the proceedings, she had a disagreement with the judge. However, it is quite common for individuals to seek different legal counsel when navigating the appeals process.

Attorneys Scott Gessler, Jonathan Mitchell, and Harmeet Dhillon have joined forces to represent Trump in his upcoming 14th Amendment case. Oral arguments for the case will be presented to the Supreme Court next month. The outcome of this case will determine whether Trump can be removed from the Colorado state ballot based on the constitutional clause that prohibits individuals who have participated in an insurrection or rebellion from holding office.

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Former President Trump has retained former Missouri Solicitor General John Sauer as his appellate lawyer. Sauer successfully represented Trump in his case regarding presidential immunity before the D.C. Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals.

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