Top Dollar Pawn Owner Convicted Of Racketeering And Money Laundering

Jamiesfeast – One of the owners of Top Dollar Pawn was convicted on February 1, 2024, for a pattern of racketeering, which is a class-two felony, and multiple counts of money laundering. However, she was found not guilty of theft.

The jury deliberated for several days before reaching their verdict in the trial of Mischa Jargowsky, one of the owners of Top Dollar Pawn.

In June 2022, the Colorado Springs Police Department conducted multiple search warrants to investigate a criminal organization engaged in the sale of “large quantities of stolen property” at Top Dollar Pawn. The investigation covers both the Colorado Springs and Pueblo locations.

An indictment filed in the Fourth Judicial District reveals that Jargowsky is facing charges for participating in a consistent pattern of purchasing and selling stolen property. Alongside her husband and two others, she stands accused of intentionally concealing the fact that these items were stolen from retail stores before proceeding to sell them either in pawn shops or through eBay.

According to court records, former employees who were interviewed have alleged that the individuals facing charges were aware that the items were stolen.

The racketeering scheme is believed to have commenced in early 2018, according to investigators.

The Colorado Springs Police Department collaborated with the Pueblo Police Department (PPD), the US Marshals Service, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) during the course of this investigation.

Jack Jargowsky, Mischa’s husband and co-defendant in the case, is anticipated to be present for his trial at the end of February. Jargowsky is scheduled to be sentenced on April 26, 2024.

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