Texas Lieutenant Governor Warns Of Deadly Consequences Following Joe Biden’s Every Move

Jamiesfeast – Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick made a controversial statement on Monday, suggesting that President Joe Biden carries the burden of death wherever he travels.

During an interview with Martha MacCallum on Fox News, the Republican lawmaker expressed his thoughts on his state’s defiance of a Supreme Court ruling. He discussed the decision made by Governor Greg Abbott to prohibit federal agents from removing physical barricades, such as razor wire, from the southern border. This decision has gained support from 25 other Republican governors, but it has also been criticized by some as a constitutional crisis.

Patrick responded directly to the news of three American soldiers being killed in a drone strike in Jordan, which was carried out by an Iran-backed group.

According to Patrick, Biden was described as “weak” and it was predicted that he would lose the reelection in November.

On Monday afternoon, Newsweek sent an email to the White House, seeking comment.

Instances of migrants dying while attempting to cross the Rio Grande River into Texas have been widely attributed to Abbott and the Texas government, despite the lieutenant governor mentioning it.

Federal agents encountered an obstruction on January 12 when they tried to enter a migrant processing site in Shelby Park near Eagle Pass. Their purpose was to assist a group of six individuals who were facing difficulties while attempting to cross the river. Tragically, a woman and two children lost their lives in a drowning incident.

In a recent incident, a woman and two children tragically lost their lives while attempting to cross the Rio Grande River near Shelby Park. This area, now under the control of the Texas National Guard, had been inaccessible to the Border Patrol due to their blockade. Democratic strategist and President Barack Obama’s appointee, Sawyer Hackett, expressed his deep concern and held Governor Greg Abbott responsible for these fatalities. Hackett went as far as to suggest that Abbott should face trial for his role in the matter.

Republican lawmakers have stepped up their criticisms of Biden and the Democratic Party regarding the border, describing the surge of migrants as a “crisis” and an “invasion.” Numerous GOP members in Congress have declined to back new funding bills unless more stringent border security laws are implemented.

Republicans who have been criticized for using border issues as a mere campaign platform against Democrats are facing backlash. This comes after they announced their refusal to support a bipartisan border bill being negotiated in the Senate. The decision follows former President Donald Trump’s statement that anything less than a perfect deal should not be accepted until he potentially gets reelected in November.

“It’s quite intriguing how just four months ago, Republicans were reluctant to provide funding for Ukraine, Israel, and our southern border due to their insistence on policy changes,” remarked James Lankford, the prominent GOP senator spearheading the bill, during a recent segment on Fox News Sunday.

“We made a united stand by locking arms and firmly declared that we would not provide any financial support until there was a significant change in the law. What’s intriguing is that now, after a few months have passed and we are nearing the resolution, they suddenly backtrack and say, ‘Oops, we don’t actually want a change in the law because it’s an election year.'”

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