Texas Has Transported Over 102,000 Migrants To Sanctuary Cities Since 2022

Jamiesfeast – Texas Governor Greg Abbott revealed on Monday that the state has transported over 102,000 migrants to sanctuary cities, with more than 37,500 being sent to New York City. This action was taken in response to the Biden administration’s inability to effectively secure the southern border.

In April 2022, the Texas governor initiated the migrant busing program with the aim of compelling blue states to shoulder the weight of the challenges that the Lone Star State has been grappling with. These challenges have arisen due to the unprecedented influx of illegal immigrants and asylum-seekers crossing the border since President Biden assumed office.

In a tweet, Governor Abbott expressed that Texas has transported more than 102,000 migrants to sanctuary cities. He emphasized that overwhelmed Texas border towns should not be burdened by President Biden’s open border policies.

“The governor issued a warning, stating that our transportation mission will persist until Biden effectively secures the border.”

The majority of migrants relocated from Texas have made their way to New York City and Chicago.

According to the governor’s office, New York City has welcomed over 37,500 migrants since August 2022, while the Windy City has received more than 31,200 during the same period.

Since May 18, Denver has relocated over 16,000 migrants, while Washington, D.C. has received more than 12,500 migrants since April 2022.

Philadelphia and Los Angeles have seen the smallest influx of migrants, with over 3,400 and 1,500 migrants, respectively.

The state has seen an increase of approximately 7,000 migrants being bused out under Operation Lone Star since the last update provided. Operation Lone Star, a state border security and burden-sharing effort initiated by Abbott in 2021, continues to make significant progress.

The governor made a bold statement last week, asserting that Texas’ right to self-defense takes precedence over any federal statutes that may oppose it. This proclamation came amidst a heated dispute between the governor and the Biden administration regarding his measures to curb the influx of illegal immigration.

As part of Operation Lone Star, the state of Texas has recently installed razor wire along a 30-mile stretch of land near the US-Mexico border in Eagle Pass. This decision was made following the US Supreme Court ruling last week, which stated that the Biden administration had the authority to remove the wire if they so choose.

The Justice Department has issued a warning to Texas, stating that it may take legal action if the state proceeds with implementing a new law. This law grants state authorities the power to apprehend, detain, prosecute, and deport individuals who enter the country unlawfully. Furthermore, the Justice Department has already filed a lawsuit against Texas regarding the construction of a floating barrier in the Rio Grande.

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