Texas Governor Reveals Strategy To Counter Biden’s Control Of National Guard

Jamiesfeast – During an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity, Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott revealed that he has developed a strategy to “secure our border” in case President Joe Biden attempts to take control of the Texas National Guard. However, Governor Abbott did not disclose the details of the plan as Hannity discouraged him from doing so.

The Context

Republicans and the Biden administration have been embroiled in a border policy dispute ever since President Biden assumed office in January 2021. In an effort to prevent migrants from crossing the border, Governor Abbott has taken matters into his own hands by implementing various measures, including the installation of obstacles like razor-wire and floating circular saw barriers.

The political tension escalated recently when the U.S. Supreme Court decided in favor of removing Abbott’s razor-wire by federal border agents. This decision has led to a defiant response from the governor and other Republicans, while Democrats are urging the president to federalize the Texas National Guard.

What We Know

During his appearance on Hannity, Abbott emphasized that the current issue at hand is the most critical one in America. He firmly stated that federalizing the National Guard under President Joe Biden’s administration would be an enormous political mistake, which he believes Biden will ultimately avoid.

He continued by saying, “If they do end up making such a mistake, I am ready to ensure that Texas can still effectively protect its border.”

In response to the governor, the Fox News host advised against disclosing any specifics of his purported plan, cautioning that it would only provide the Biden administration with a chance to obstruct it.

“I won’t even bother asking about your plan because I don’t want you to reveal it to them,” Hannity remarked, eliciting a smile and chuckle from Abbott.


After the Supreme Court ruling, Abbott asserted that Texas perceives illegal migration as an “invasion” and emphasized that his state is exercising its “constitutional authority to defend and protect itself.”

Several Democrats, such as Texas U.S. Representatives Joaquin Castro and Greg Casar, called on Biden to utilize his constitutional power to federalize the national guard. This action would result in Texas’ military being placed under the authority of the president, rather than Governor Abbott.

A group of 26 Republican state attorneys general sent a warning to President Biden on Monday, urging him to step aside and allow Texas to handle its own affairs. They argued that the president lacks the “legal authority” to federalize the guard. However, it’s worth noting that Biden does possess legal authority under Title 10 of the U.S. Code.

What’s Next?

The president’s intervention in Texas is still uncertain. Nevertheless, the border dispute’s repercussions extend far beyond the state, resulting in congressional gridlock along partisan lines. This gridlock has further hindered the approval of military aid for Ukraine and Israel.

Some Republicans have raised the possibility of a new civil war being ignited by the border issue. Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has advocated for a “national divorce” between blue and red states, citing “irreconcilable differences.”

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