Suspect accused of Times Square officer attack denied bail following Macy’s shoplifting arrest

The young man, aged 19, who is believed to be involved in the incident,

The individual was brought before the court and detained with no option for bail following accusations of shoplifting and assaulting a Macy’s employee in Queens.

Federal agents apprehended Darwin Gomez-Izquiel at the Queens Center Mall at approximately 6:40 p.m. on Tuesday.

According to the police, Gomez-Izquiel was involved in a group that stole clothing worth $600 from the department store. He allegedly punched a Macy’s loss prevention employee who attempted to apprehend them. The store employee sustained minor injuries.

He was previously arrested for his alleged involvement in the attack on the officers on January 27th, but was released without bail.

Earlier on Tuesday, a significant event took place.

He was held without bail during a short arraignment in Lower Manhattan on Wednesday afternoon.

Yarwuin Madris entered a plea of not guilty to the charge of second-degree assault for his involvement in the attack on January 27th. Prosecutors, who are treating Madris as an adult, expressed doubt about the age he provided, suggesting that he may be in his 20s.

Madris, along with two other suspects, 21-year-old Wilson Juarez and 19-year-old Kelvin Servita Arocha, was apprehended in the Bronx. Initially, authorities believed that they were en route to the California/Mexico border on a bus following the attack on the officers.

Law enforcement is currently holding the two individuals involved in the officer attack, while they await their next court appearance.

A spokesperson for Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg confirmed that another individual was apprehended by the NYPD in the Bronx yesterday. The arrest was made in accordance with an arrest warrant connected to our indictment. It is important to note that Wilson Juarez and Kelvin Servita Arocha were both present in the same apartment at the time of the arrest. This information contradicts the widespread misinformation claiming that they had escaped New York City on a bus. Currently, five of the individuals involved in this incident are in the custody of law enforcement. Our investigation, in collaboration with the NYPD, is still ongoing.

Ulises Bohorquez, a 21-year-old individual, was apprehended at the Randalls Island migrant shelter, making him the eighth person to be arrested in connection with the attack. He stands accused of assaulting a police officer.

PBA President Patrick Hendry emphasized the urgency of bringing all these individuals to justice and ensuring they are behind bars. According to him, as long as they remain free on the streets of New York City, the safety concerns of every New Yorker persist. He firmly believes that these individuals pose a threat to everyone in the community.

In the meantime, the sole suspect who was held on bail for the assault on the officers, a 19-year-old named Yohenry Brito, managed to post his $15,000 bail on Tuesday and was subsequently released. It is believed that Brito’s arrest outside the shelter was the catalyst for the subsequent larger attack.

All eight individuals involved in the January 27 attack are scheduled to appear in court on Friday in Lower Manhattan, according to the police.


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