Southern California freeway shooter found guilty for killing 6-year-old in road-rage incident

jamiesfeast – After two hours of deliberation, a jury from Orange County Superior Court reached a verdict on Thursday, January 25th. The jury found the gunman responsible for the death of a 6-year-old who was riding in the back seat of his mother’s car on the way to kindergarten. The verdict was guilty of second-degree murder.

The jury found him guilty of shooting at a occupied motor vehicle.

On May 21, 2021, in rush-hour traffic, Aiden Leos and his mom were on the 55 Freeway in Orange heading north when she gave a driver the middle finger for cutting her off — prompting passenger Marcus Anthony Eriz in the offending car to fire a single shot that hit and kill the boy.

After more than two weeks, investigators were able to gather enough evidence to track down and apprehend the couple at their Costa Mesa apartment. The unique nature of their car played a helpful role in this process.

According to his lawyer during the trial, he emphasized that his client is not a monster but rather a young individual who made a mistake. He further clarified that his client did not have any intention to kill Aiden or anyone else for that matter.

Eriz, who will remain in jail, is set to be sentenced on April 12. According to the Orange County District Attorney’s Office, he could face a maximum sentence of 40 years to life.

Lee will face lesser charges in a future trial, which includes being an accessory after the fact.

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