Scott Stringer Seeks Another Opportunity To Challenge Adams For Mayor

Jamiesfeast – Eric Adams, the current mayor, has reached the midpoint of his term and still has two years left in office. Despite this, there are already individuals who are looking to remove him from his position.

Scott Stringer is no stranger to the world of New York politics. With a storied career that includes serving as a state lawmaker, Manhattan borough president, and city comptroller, he has become a familiar face to many. Despite a previous loss in the mayoral race to Adams, Stringer is determined to give it another shot.

What could be going on in his mind?

“I have a deep affection for this city and a strong passion for public service. I firmly believe that our city is in need of a fresh direction. The current administration has not been effective in serving our community,” he expressed to CBS New York’s Political Reporter Marcia Kramer. “If given the opportunity to propel this city forward, to prioritize investments in education, housing, and other critical issues that resonate with our residents, then I believe it is a campaign worth pursuing.”

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Kramer and Stringer recently had a bonus conversation on CBS News New York, where they delved into some interesting aspects of their experiences in office. During the conversation, they discussed a topic that might surprise New Yorkers – something they may not know about Kramer and Stringer. Additionally, they touched upon the changes they have observed in the city over the years

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