Rochelle Park Police Seize Kilo Of Cocaine And Arrest Duo From New York City On Highway

Jamiesfeast – Detective Sgt. Jared Shatkin and Detective Nick Mercoun discovered a Honda Accord of an older model in a parking lot on Midland Street, near Essex Street, between Routes 80 and 17. This occurred at approximately 1:45 p.m. on Wednesday, January 31, according to Capt. James M. DePreta. The vehicle had two individuals inside at the time of discovery.

A passenger swiftly entered a nearby business as they approached, according to him.

According to DePreta, the detectives quickly noticed a plastic bag on the front seat, which was later discovered to contain over two pounds of cocaine.

The police apprehended the driver, Reynaldo Coortorreal, 45, who, according to the captain, was found in possession of an additional half-ounce of cocaine in a sandwich bag.

Inside the business, they apprehended Frandelyn Moyaduerge, 28, who was a passenger.

Cortorreal and Moyaduerge, both residing in the Bronx, were transferred to Bergen County Jail. According to jail records, they are listed as Dominican nationals. As of Thursday, Feb. 1, there were no detainers issued by federal authorities for them.

Cortorreal faces charges for possessing cocaine with the intent to distribute, while also facing other related counts. Moyaduerge, on the other hand, is charged with drug conspiracy.

Rochelle Park Police Chief Dean Pinto commended his detectives for their successful intervention in a significant narcotics transaction and their efforts in eliminating hazardous substances from our community.

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