Police In Alexandria Seek Information On A Little Girl Found Abandoned On The Street

Jamiesfeast – The Alexandria Police and Child Protective Services are currently conducting a joint investigation following reports of a little girl being “abandoned” on South Van Dorn Street on Wednesday night.

At around 9:45 p.m., authorities were alerted to witness accounts of a man abandoning a child outside 8 South Van Dorn Street, according to APD. Officers arrived at the scene and discovered a young girl, estimated to be between 1 to 2 years old. She was wearing warm clothing and appeared to be in good health. However, no one in the vicinity recognized the child or knew her identity, as stated by the department.

Alexandria Child Protective Services received a notification and took custody of the little girl. In the meantime, just before midnight, the police made a public appeal, urgently asking anyone with information about the child or the parents to call 911.

In a recent update, the APD revealed that the girl is currently under the care of Child Welfare Services and is reported to be doing well.

APD has reportedly located some of the child’s relatives and is currently working with them in an ongoing joint investigation. Detectives and social workers are meeting with family members who are assisting in the case.

According to APD, detectives have discovered potential video footage of the vehicle used by the individual who abandoned the child. They are currently in the process of identifying the vehicle and its owner. Additionally, the department is collaborating with relevant agencies to investigate any cases of missing children that may be connected to this incident.

The Alexandria Police Department (APD) is urging anyone with information regarding this incident to come forward. If you have any information, please contact the APD at 703-746-4444. Rest assured that your tips will be kept anonymous.

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