Peaky Blinders star Paul Anderson fined for possession of drugs in London

The actor (48) was found with crack cocaine and other substances on St Stephen’s Day

Paul Anderson, the renowned actor from Peaky Blinders, has been issued a fine for drug possession. The incident took place on Boxing Day, when he was discovered in possession of crack cocaine and other illicit substances.

According to reports, Anderson’s lawyer revealed that the actor occasionally embraces his character, Arthur Shelby, to satisfy fans who recognize him. Anderson portrays the rebellious brother in the show, known for his involvement in drug use.

Peaky Blinders star Paul Anderson
Peaky Blinders star Paul Anderson

In a recent court appearance at Highbury Corner magistrates court, a 48-year-old individual faced charges of possessing class A crack cocaine, class B amphetamines, and two class C prescription substances. The accused promptly admitted guilt to all four charges, resulting in a total fine of £1,345.

In a recent report, it was mentioned that Anderson only spoke during the court proceedings to enter his pleas and to verify his identity and address in north-west London.

According to prosecutor Kevin Kendridge, Anderson was accused of being in possession of the substances on Boxing Day. The Daily Mail reported that police were alerted to a pub near Anderson’s residence by the manager, who had been informed that crack cocaine fumes were emanating from the disabled toilet after Anderson had used it.

According to the report, Anderson was discovered by the police in the company of a young man and a 17-month-old baby. He was subsequently taken to a police station, where authorities uncovered crack cocaine, as well as a wrap containing a brown powder identified as amphetamines. Additionally, diazepam and pregabalin were also found during the investigation.

Anderson’s lawyer informed the court in mitigation that the defendant is well-known for his portrayal of a highly intense character in a recent television series. He is frequently recognized by fans of the show and makes an effort to please them by immersing himself in his role.

“He was recognised that Boxing Day and tried to play up for these people. And because of the lifestyle he leads people often give him inducements.” His lawyer said Anderson had not been smoking crack cocaine, but added: “He has found himself in an unfortunate position and should have had the strength to say no.”

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