Trump Super Fan Threatens To Primary GOP Rep Over Impeachment Vote Failure

Jamiesfeast – Alex Bruesewitz, a GOP political consultant, has become a prominent online supporter of Donald Trump in recent years. He staunchly defends the former president against attacks and consistently takes the offensive to provoke Trump’s adversaries, including Ron DeSantis, Chris Christie, and Joe Biden. But Bruesewitz has shifted his focus to a new target: … Read more

NYC Real Estate Developer Faces Allegations Of Massive Multi-million Dollar Fraud Scheme

Jamiesfeast – A former executive of a New York real estate development firm, who is currently facing numerous challenges, has been indicted on Wednesday for his alleged involvement in a massive $86.6 million fraud scheme. Nir Meir, a 49-year-old former managing principal of HFZ Capital Group, has been indicted on charges of tax fraud, falsifying … Read more

Anti-torture Committee Finds Handcuffed Migrants Subjected To Indefinite Detention In Conditions Resembling Prison

Jamiesfeast – Migrants facing indefinite detention in “prison-like” UK immigration facilities are tied to beds and allowed to self-harm, according to a European anti-torture commission. Long periods of incarceration with no end in sight for asylum seekers have led to mental breakdowns, according to inspectors from the Council of Europe’s Committee on the Prevention of … Read more

At Least 6 Missing And Two Police Officers Shot In House Fire Incident

Jamiesfeast – According to local authorities, a Pennsylvania home was engulfed in a massive fire during a shooting incident, leaving at least six people missing. Additionally, two police officers were injured in the incident. At approximately 3:50 p.m. on Wednesday, authorities received a distress call regarding an 11-year-old girl who had been shot at a … Read more

Joe Biden Claims Decisive Victory In Nevada Democratic Primary

Jamiesfeast – President Joe Biden easily secures victory in Nevada’s Democratic presidential primary, with little competition from other candidates, including Marianne Williamson. Multiple outlets, including the Associated Press and NBC News, confirm Biden’s sweeping win, as he garners much of the votes in Washoe County and seven other counties. Although Williamson is expected to finish … Read more

Climate Activist Arrested For Damage To Civil War Memorial Dedicated To Black Soldiers: DOJ

Jamiesfeast – A man from Utah was taken into custody on Tuesday for reportedly vandalizing a memorial that honors a regiment of Black soldiers who bravely fought in the Civil War, according to prosecutors. 27-year-old Jackson Green has been apprehended and is facing charges of property damage at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, … Read more

Bomb Delivered In Downtown Springs Via Homemade Balloon

Jamiesfeast – According to arrest documents, the suspect who was arrested in connection with the explosion east of Downtown Colorado Springs on Jan. 12 allegedly used an improvised hot air balloon to deliver the explosive device. The documents, which FOX21 obtained, unveil that Edward Kiley, the suspect in the case, had been arrested and faced … Read more

Nikki Haley Criticizes GOP for ‘Chaos’ Following Loss in Nevada Primary

Jamiesfeast – After the chaotic Nevada Republican primary, where former President Donald Trump was not listed on the ballot, ex-United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley criticized the Republican Party for its disarray. According to Associated Press projections, even though she was the only serious candidate on the ticket, Haley ended up finishing in second place on … Read more