Minnesota Woman Faces Charges for Stealing Over $1 Million from Employer

Jamiesfeast – U.S. Attorney Andrew M. Luger has announced the indictment of a woman from Eden Prairie for embezzling more than $1 million from her employer. Monica Svobodny, 51, worked as the Supply Chain and Engineering Manager at Sico, Inc. This company, located in Edina, Minnesota, focuses on manufacturing furniture and home furnishings. Sadly, Svobodny … Read more

Hundreds Come Together To Honor The Memory Of A New Mexico State Police Officer Who Lost His Life

Jamiesfeast – Hundreds of individuals from various locations, including Colorado and El Paso, gathered for the first-ever memorial run on Sunday, February 4th, to pay tribute to the late New Mexico State Police Officer Darian Jarrott. This event marked the third anniversary of Officer Jarrott’s tragic demise while serving on the job. The run and … Read more

Utah Braces For Yet Another Prolonged Storm

Jamiesfeast – Good evening everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying the weather because next week is going to be rainy. Our featured photo for today was generously shared by Ashley Romero, a viewer from Iron County. The picturesque beauty of the area near Duck Creek is truly captivating, especially during this time of year. Although, … Read more

A Drug Operation In Morgantown Has Resulted In Nine Arrests And The Seizure Of Fentanyl

Jamiesfeast – In December 2023, law enforcement initiated an operation based on several tips regarding a well-coordinated drug trafficking ring operating in the Morgantown area. The main individual of interest, Damir A. Swann from Clinton Township, Michigan, was allegedly the leader of a group involved in the distribution of drugs. It was reported that the … Read more

New York Father Loses Legal Battle To Stop His 8-year-old Son From Undergoing Gender Transition With Puberty Blockers

Jamiesfeast – Dennis Hannon engaged in a legal battle regarding his son Matthew’s gender transition treatment. Unfortunately, he lost custody and decision-making rights due to his opposition to puberty blockers. It is important to note that no formal diagnosis of gender dysphoria was made in this case. The battle over gender-affirming care for kids highlights … Read more

Alvin Bragg’s Criminal Felony Case Against Donald Trump Becomes A Major Focus In New York

Jamiesfeast – The case filed by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg stands out as the upcoming case with the highest likelihood of criminal prosecution amidst the ongoing debates and public discourse surrounding other major cases of presidential records mismanagement and conspiracy to incite insurrection. This case involves election interference, sexual intrigue, and a cover-up before … Read more

NY Senator, Chuck Schumer, 73, Claims Some Republicans Republicans Are Taking Credit On Democrats Success

Jamiesfeast – Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) recently addressed the Senate session, where he emphasized the economic accomplishments achieved under President Biden and Congressional Democratic Leadership. He firmly dismissed the claims made by the “hard right” Republicans, who are attempting to take credit for these achievements. Senator Schumer highlighted the encouraging direction of the … Read more

Thousands Report Shaking From The Earthquakes In New York And Oklahoma

Jamiesfeast – In the past few days, Oklahoma and New York have experienced moderate to strong earthquakes, resulting in a significant number of reports to the USGS. Through their online reporting website, called “Did you feel it?”, tens of thousands of individuals have provided accounts of feeling shaking or witnessing objects being moved or knocked … Read more