NJ Troopers capture suspects who fled the scene after a series of car crashes and shots fired near the George Washington Bridge

Jamiesfeast – A New Jersey State Police pursuit ended in a “demolition derby”—and  shots fired—when a driver desperately attempted to flee undercover detectives on the NJ Turnpike near the George Washington Bridge.

Video footage captured by drivers shows a Range Rover emitting smoke as it forcefully collides with undercover NJSP vehicles in a frantic bid to escape. This intense incident occurred when the driver found themselves cornered by detectives in the local lanes at the split for the bridge’s upper and lower levels in Fort Lee, around 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday, February 7th.

During the incident, the driver of the heavily damaged Range Rover decides to reverse the vehicle after engaging in a series of clashes with undercover police cars.

A detective wearing a State Police vest stands confidently in the middle of the road, gripping his gun with both hands, while another officer can be heard shouting repeatedly, “Step out of the vehicle!”

The camera loses sight of the vehicle.

Two gunshots ring out just moments later. It is unclear whether they originated from inside or outside the vehicle.

The shattered back window of the Range Rover comes into view as it slowly rolls forward.

Detectives in separate pickups come together in a seamless maneuver, colliding and halting the vehicle with their trucks.

As the Range Rover comes to a stop, several detectives quickly approach the vehicle and swiftly remove the two occupants from inside. The individuals are then placed on the ground, ensuring their immediate restraint.

Luis Delossantos, the founder of the Live to Serve Foundation, recently shared a video on his Instagram page @policefitnessnutrition. This organization is dedicated to raising funds for fallen officers and their families.

One onlooker likened the scene to a chaotic game of “bumper cars,” while another compared it to a fierce “demolition derby.”

According to reports, a trooper suffered injuries to their knee and shoulder.

There were also reports of civilian vehicles being hit, but fortunately, it seems that no citizens suffered any serious injuries in the incident.

On Tuesday, February 7, a significant incident unfolded on the NJ Turnpike in Fort Lee.


Troopers received assistance from the Fort Lee and Port Authority police departments while handling the situation. The NYPD was kept on standby in case the vehicle managed to cross the GWB.

There were rumors circulating that the suspects were being sought for their involvement in a home invasion.

State Police, who were repeatedly contacted for information throughout the day, did not respond to the inquiries made by Borough and authority police.

Stay tuned for additional information.

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