Medical License Of Doctor Suspended Due To Undisclosed Misconduct

Jamiesfeast – The license of a doctor accused of incompetence and unprofessional conduct has been suspended by state regulators, according to an emergency order. (Photo via Canva; logo courtesy of the Iowa Board of Medicine)

The license of an eastern Iowa physician has been suspended by the Iowa Board of Medicine due to allegations of incompetence and unprofessional conduct.

The Iowa City board contends that it is imperative to safeguard the public by promptly suspending the license of Dr. Gabriel Hernandez Roman. They argue that this action is warranted due to the gravity of Hernandez Roman’s admitted unprofessional conduct, violation of patient privacy standards, and concerns about his competence reported by multiple institutions he has worked for.

Hernandez Roman’s work history and the employers who made the allegations against him are not mentioned in the board’s order. However, state employment records show that from 2020 to 2023, Hernandez Roman was a resident at University of Iowa Hospitals.

Iowa’s licensing boards have made a significant change in their disclosure practices as a result of a recent ruling by the Iowa Supreme Court in 2022. Now, the boards no longer provide public access to information regarding alleged misconduct or the reasons behind emergency orders until the disciplinary cases have been fully resolved. This process can often stretch out over several months or even years.

The Board of Medicine has issued an emergency order suspending Hernandez Roman’s license. Although the order includes a comprehensive “findings of fact” that led to the suspension, this information has been redacted and is not available for public viewing.

When asked about the case, Hernandez Roman directed all inquiries to his attorney, Ben Arato, who chose not to provide any comments.

No criminal charges have been filed in the case. Hernandez Roman stated on Friday that the allegations against him were untrue and that no charges were filed after he spoke to the police. “They didn’t take any further action, like arresting me,” he explained.

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