Kansas Governor Weighs In On The Border Dispute In Texas

Jamiesfeast – Kansas Governor Laura Kelly has expressed her thoughts on the ongoing conflict at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Republican-led states are dispatching troops to show solidarity with Texas as tensions escalate in the ongoing “border battle” with the federal government. Kansas has previously deployed troops to the border.

During an interview on Wednesday, Governor Kelly was asked by Nexstar’s Kansas Capitol Bureau about Kansas’s potential involvement in sending troops to assist Texas.

According to Kelly, when the National Guard is deployed to the border, they are federalized and respond to the President. As the Commander-in-Chief on a state level, Kelly explains that the border issue is a federal matter. Therefore, if the President chooses to federalize Kansas troops, they will be sent to the border.

In 2021, the Governor’s administration addressed the concerns raised by Republican legislators regarding Texas’ border crisis. They stated that, in response, 250 National Guard Soldiers had been deployed to the border since October 2020.

The Kansas Capitol Bureau from Nexstar reached out to the Governor’s Office for clarification on her stance regarding the ongoing conflict. In response, Brianna Johnson, the Communications Director for the Governor, provided the following statement on Wednesday.

According to Johnson, it is evident that our immigration system is in a state of disrepair, causing harm to the safety of our communities, the agriculture industry, and the overall economy. Governor Kelly is calling for action at the federal level to address this issue and is supportive of ongoing bipartisan efforts to find a solution. In the past, Kansas national guardsmen and women have been deployed to assist the federal government in enhancing border protections.

Republican Attorney General Kris Kobach has recently joined a coalition of 27 states in showing their support for Texas’ efforts in border defense.

The state of Texas had installed wire on the border, but last week, the Supreme Court granted border patrol agents the authority to remove it.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott claimed that the installation aimed to deter illegal crossings, while the federal government argued that it hindered agents from reaching migrants in need of assistance. This dispute has sparked a power struggle at the border.

In his statement released on Tuesday, Kobach emphasized his support for standing with Texas in the dispute.

“If President Biden truly wants to put an end to the border crisis, he has the power to take immediate action by enforcing the immigration laws already in place, reinstating the mandatory remain-in-Mexico policy as required by federal law, and continuing the construction of the border wall,” Kobach asserted. “However, rather than prioritizing the interests of America, Biden has taken a stance that puts America last, allowing illegal immigrants, illegal drugs, and human traffickers to freely enter our country. We fully stand behind Texas’s efforts to safeguard its citizens and all Americans from this relentless influx.”

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