Fani Willis Finally Confirms Personal Relationship with Trump Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade

Jamiesfeast – Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has acknowledged that she had a personal relationship with a special prosecutor in Donald Trump’s election interference case. However, she strongly denies any allegations that the affair had any negative impact on the investigation.

In a court filing on Friday, spanning 176 pages, Willis’ office refutes any claims of financial conflict of interest that would justify her removal from the racketeering case. The filing also denies any personal conflict of interest on her part and dismisses the allegations against special prosecutor Nathan Wade as “factually inaccurate, unsupported, and malicious.”

According to the motion, Wade and Willis did not have a personal relationship in November 2021 when Wade was hired to investigate claims of election interference. However, Wade’s affidavit reveals that they did develop a personal relationship in addition to their professional association and friendship.

According to Wade’s affidavit, he clarifies that he has never lived together with Willis, shared household expenses, or had a joint financial account. He further explains that he has personally funded their travel expenses in the past, and the District Attorney’s office has also covered their trips.

The special prosecutor presented a record of his billable hours and confirmation emails of flights to Miami, which he stated were purchased by Willis.

The filing states that although the allegations raised in the different motions are attention-grabbing and aimed at the media, they do not provide any grounds for the court to grant the relief being sought.

In the Superior Court of Fulton County, Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade and Executive District Attorney Daysha Young are seen conferring.

In response to a hearing on Feb. 15 to review the allegations of misconduct, the Friday filing serves as a formal response. Judge Scott McAfee, who is presiding over Trump’s Georgia case in Fulton County Superior Court, received this response. The attorney for Trump aide Mike Roman stated in a lawsuit on Tuesday that Willis and Wade were summoned to testify at the hearing.

In a motion to dismiss the indictment against his client, Roman’s attorney brought the allegations against the DA and the special prosecutor to light. He claimed that they had an “improper” relationship and utilized Wade’s taxpayer-funded DA paycheck to finance their extravagant vacations.

Special Prosecutor Wade made significant sacrifices to assume his role by resigning from three judicial appointments and reducing his involvement in his private practice for extended periods of time, according to the filing. The document asserts that there is no valid claim to suggest that Special Prosecutor Wade gained excessive financial advantages from his appointment.

According to the filing by Willis, Roman’s motion is based on assumptions and insinuations about the personal relationship between District Attorney Willis and Special Prosecutor Wade. The filing clarifies that both Willis and Wade have no personal or financial stake in the conviction of the defendants in the Trump case. It also mentions that Wade was compensated for his work on the case in the same manner as any other hired employee.

The filing argues that the motions are trying to create a fabricated conflict of interest on the part of the District Attorney by combining ordinary circumstances of Special Prosecutor Wade’s appointment with irrelevant allegations about his personal family life.

“When a prosecutor has a personal interest or stake in a defendant’s conviction, conflict arises. However, this charge is unsupported by any defendant, as it is based on fantastical theories and rank speculation.”

Roman’s attorney, Ashleigh Merchant, responded to Willis’ filing on Friday. Merchant argued that the public became aware of the personal relationship between the DA and Wade because her team brought it to light.

“Why did they deliberately conceal their actions until they were caught red-handed if they had nothing to hide and had done nothing wrong?” questions Merchant in the filing. “This emphasizes why the Court cannot simply rely on their word alone.”

According to Merchant, the February 15 hearing holds great importance as it provides an opportunity to thoroughly question Wade regarding various claims made in his affidavit. She asserts that witnesses will testify during the hearing about the special prosecutor’s alleged cohabitation with Willis at a Hapeville Airbnb, which was supposedly used as a “safe house” for the couple.

According to the filing, witnesses are anticipated to provide testimony stating that the two resided in Willis’ South Fulton home until her father moved in. It is alleged that after her father’s arrival, the couple relocated to a friend’s apartment.

“In the recent filing, the attorney stated that several individuals, who have been subpoenaed by Mr. Roman, possess first-hand information regarding the commencement of Wade and Willis’ personal relationship before the latter’s appointment as a special prosecutor. It is evident that these individuals are aware of the falsehood present in the State’s response and Wade’s affidavit.”

Other lawyers have also raised doubts about the relationship between Wade and Willis. Joycelyn Wade’s attorneys, for instance, have requested to subpoena Willis, arguing that the district attorney has intimate knowledge of the couple’s financial situation. In support of their motion, they have included Nathan Wade’s credit card statements, which reveal that he purchased plane tickets for himself and Willis to various locations, including Aruba, during the years 2022 and 2023.

Joycelyn Wade’s attorney, Andrea Hastings, argued last week that Willis is attempting to conceal herself behind her position. Hastings emphasized that Willis’ job is irrelevant when it comes to whether or not she should be required to participate in this deposition.

The filing on Friday refutes any claims suggesting that Willis has financially gained from her personal relationship with Wade. It clarifies that their personal travel was equally shared and all expenses were covered by their own personal funds.

The district attorney is actively trying to dismiss the subpoena, claiming that Joycelyn Wade is aiming to tarnish her professional standing and undermine the Trump investigation. As a result, the Wades have reached a temporary agreement in their divorce proceedings, which has prevented Willis from being served with the subpoena and spared Nathan Wade from having to provide deposition answers.

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