EXPECTANT mothers may receive $750 per month for 15 months with no conditions and an additional $1,125 bonus

Expectant mothers now have the opportunity to apply for monthly payments of $750.

The Bridge Project, a program based in New York state, provides recurring payments for a duration of 15 months to low-income mothers during their pregnancy.

The program was launched in June 2021, offering biweekly cash with no strings attached.

The program provided temporary assistance to 100 participants by distributing $500 debit cards to pregnant individuals every two weeks for a period of three years.

The Bridge Project has become a lifeline for expecting mothers since its inception.

The initiative also provides support by connecting individuals with doulas, and offering mental health and benefits counseling.

There are three locations in New York where residents can apply for payments: New York City, Rochester, and Buffalo.

Please keep in mind that the payment amounts may vary in each city.

Mothers who are eligible for the Buffalo program will be provided with a one-time prenatal stipend of $1,125.

Recipients will receive $750 per month for the initial 15 months, followed by $375 per month for the remaining 21 months of the program.

Buffalo is currently not accepting any new applications.


To qualify for the cash in the Rochester area, applicants must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Be 18 years old or older
  • Be 23 weeks pregnant or less with your first child
  • Have an annual household income under $40,000
  • Live in the city of Rochester

To complete an application, visit The Bridge Project website and navigate to your specific area.

Applicants in New York City must meet similar requirements.

Applications are no longer being accepted in Buffalo.


Guaranteed income programs, similar to universal basic income (UBI), provide recurring payments to individuals with low incomes.

Some of these programs are funded by the government or utilize public funds.

Both federal and state governments have implemented various initiatives aimed at reducing poverty. These initiatives are designed to address the issue of poverty and provide assistance to those in need.

Guaranteed income, although similar to UBI, usually offers a smaller sum of money and targets a specific group.

Programs like these have been appearing all over the country in response to the impact of the pandemic, which has led to job loss and a rise in homelessness, particularly in states like California.

Living residents in the United States can also receive a one-time payout of $525, even if they were mistakenly reported as deceased.

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