Court Documents Reveal Colorado Mother Wanted to Skip Custody Hearing to Mourn Her Children’s Deaths

Jamiesfeast – The Colorado mother, who is accused of killing her children, submitted a motion to the court the day after the tragic incident. In the motion, she stated that she would not be able to attend a custody hearing due to her need to grieve over the loss of her kids.

According to court documents obtained by 9NEWS, Singler went to a public library the following day and utilized a computer to file a motion. In her motion, she explained that she was unable to attend the scheduled December 20 hearing due to injuries sustained and the tragic loss of two of her children.

According to Singler, she experienced lacerations on her neck and wrists, leaving her physically weakened and in need of time to heal. She also expressed the need to grieve the loss of her two children.

On December 23, the Colorado mother vanished, leading to an issuance of an arrest warrant for her just three days later.

Authorities initially thought that Singler was a victim, but later declared that the initial report of a burglary at her apartment was “unfounded.”

On December 30, Singler was apprehended in the UK for evading authorities, as she was discovered seeking refuge at a hotel in West London.

When she appeared at a Westminster Magistrate Court earlier this month, she responded negatively when asked if she agreed to be handed over to American authorities. She is still awaiting her extradition back to the U.S.

Singler is currently facing a series of serious charges, including first-degree murder, child abuse, assault, and attempted murder.

According to court documents, on December 16, a judge had ordered Singler to hand over custody of the children to their father by dropping them off at a safe location near the Colorado Springs Police Department. However, she failed to appear as scheduled.

The judge subsequently issued an order for the children to be placed in the custody of their father until January 18. In addition, the order stipulated that Singler could only communicate with her children through FaceTime until January 18.

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