African Charity Linked To Prince Harry Accused Of Human Rights Violations Is Under Investigation

Jamiesfeast – A conservation charity, partially led by Prince Harry, is currently under investigation for its alleged involvement in human rights violations in Africa.

The Mail on Sunday was the first to report on the investigation, which found that guards working for and getting paid by the African Parks charity beat, raped, and tortured native people in the Republic of the Congo jungles. Among the reports of “cruel and inhumane behavior” was at least one of a man dying from injuries he got while being tortured.

According to a spokesperson from Harry’s foundation, Archewell, the Duke promptly brought the serious allegations to the attention of African Parks’ CEO and chairman of the board, as they were the appropriate individuals to address the situation.

The African Parks board and chief executive emphasized their commitment to upholding the rights of local and indigenous people in their official statement. They stated that the organization has a zero-tolerance policy for any form of abuse and takes allegations of misconduct seriously. They further emphasized that they thoroughly investigate such allegations and take appropriate action. Additionally, they highlighted that all of their parks are managed with a central philosophy of awareness, sensitivity, and dedication to respecting the rights of local communities.

According to African Parks, they were informed about the allegations through a letter received by one of their board members, sent by the humanitarian group Survival International. However, the charity is facing difficulties as the organization responsible for exposing the issue is not cooperating with African Parks’ ongoing investigation.

“We wasted no time in launching an investigation with the help of an external law firm, based on the information we had at hand. Simultaneously, we reached out to Survival International, urging them to share any and all facts they possessed. It is regrettable that despite our repeated requests, they have refused to cooperate. We persistently request their cooperation in this matter.”

Survival International has been contacted by The Messenger for comment.

After dedicating six years as the president of the charity, Harry has transitioned to a new role on its governing board of directors.

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