Teen Who Deadly Stabbed Friend In Fight Over Mcdonald’s Sweet-and-sour Sauce Receives 5 Years In Prison Following Plea Agreement

Jamiesfeast – A 16-year-old will go to juvenile prison for five years because she killed her friend with a knife during a fight over sweet-and-sour sauce. In August, Naima Liggon, also 16, was killed when a fight between friends at a Washington, D.C., McDonald’s went violent. Law & Crime previously reported that police were called … Read more

Authorities: 3 People From New Jersey Accused Of Kidnapping And Torturing Queens Man

Jamiesfeast – Three New Jersey residents are being charged with kidnapping in Astoria, Queens. On December 20, 2022, Aasim Boone, Jarrett Bruce, and Lesly Valentin are accused of attacking and kidnapping a man. The three reportedly beat and tortured the man while demanding money from him. Although the victim was finally freed, the three suspects … Read more

1 Killed And 9 Injured In Alabama Bus Crash

Jamiesfeast – A bus accident on an Alabama highway killed one guy and hurt nine others. The accident is being investigated by the police. The Nashville-bound Greyhound was traveling from Tallahassee, Florida, on Monday night when it crashed into a subcompact SUV in northern Alabama, close to the border with Tennessee. This is what the … Read more

South Carolina Seeks Court To Evict Racist Couple From Their House After Torturing Black Neighbors

Jamiesfeast – South Carolina officials have asked a judge to ask a white couple to leave their home because they supposedly burned a cross near the home of their black neighbors, who are veterans of the military. On January 26, special prosecutor James Battle filed a motion saying that Worden Butler and Alexis Hartnett, who … Read more

Alabama Murder Suspect Allegedly Shot A Man In The Head At A Motel, Then Running Away To A Casino In Mississippi

Jamiesfeast – An Alabama man was apprehended in a Mississippi casino, where detectives believe he fled after murdering a man in an Alabama hotel room. Police in Chickasaw, Alabama, were summoned to the M Star Hotel on Tuesday, where they discovered a man later identified as Christopher Ryan Martin, 38, who had died from a … Read more

Man Who Demolished Satanic Temple Altar In Iowa Has Been Charged Under Hate Crime Laws

Jamiesfeast – A man who attacked and beheaded an allowed monument erected by the Satanic Temple at Iowa’s Capitol in December has been charged with a felony under the state’s hate crime laws, the prosecutor’s office announced this week. Michael Cassidy, an unsuccessful Republican candidate for Mississippi’s state House of Representatives, has been charged with … Read more